Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who me? How dare you!

Let's start this off by saying today has been horrible! So horrible I dont even want to write about it. Ok so i get to school and im going up to the third floor, sadly yes my first period is on the 3rd floor! and I get one of my famous headaches. Wait, i havent told you yet, i get migraines once a week and they are so bad it is crippling. So ya thats what I got. I didnt want to but I started to cry. I got mad because who likes to cry in front of people? My friend Jorge kept asking what was wrong and hugging me, which makes me cry lol for some odd reason. I get to class and my friend Ashley is crying to! (her family are jerks!). then yesterday i had filmed our AVID teacher yelling at us, madeline's fault! and she got mad at me when she found out you see. So the tutors in that class asked madeline who filmed it and she said me. They told her this, and yes its true, they said "Serena? Really? But she looks so innocent!" Yep its true, Ive been labeled innocent! Then i asked to go to my algebra teachers room to ask if we were having an exam and tutor 2 told me "Just because you look innocent doesn't mean you can lie to me Serena!" ugh people these days. why cant i just pick who i want living on this earth and vaporize everyone else with my lazors? Well Im going to put up a part of the video that we filmed earlier. So if its good, let me know! O.o talent show at Ray coming up in two days! Jorge got me two tickets so i can go! Woop Woop! by the way this video is taking forever to upload!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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