Thursday, May 26, 2011


A spoon?
No way a spoon?
AHAHAHAHAHA- oomph! Not funny!

Ok so a few minutes ago I made some popcorn and I put Chile and Lemon powder on it. YUM! While I was a-shakin away with that powder a thought popped its way into my head.

Pickles. Yes that would make this popcorn complete! So I started to accomplish my mission and was digging around in my fridge for the pickles. Or to be more precise the pickle juice.
What I wanted to do was make a pickle juice raspa with chile popcorn. A wonderful, I might add, night snack. So I got out the blender, poured a cup of ice into blender, poured pickle juice in, and shooka some chile into it. BLEND BLEND BLEND. My blending noise.

O.o lookey here, here comes my little sister Brianna. As im typing this im scolding myself because I should have known you know? Low and behold she wants one too!! So I tell her exactly what to do. I mean it doesnt take a rocket scientist to make a raspa. As I sit down to watch my sister play Soul Calibur 2, I hear a really loud cracking sound. Cant really explain it but I jump up to see. Oh wow, WHAT A SURPRISE! My sister broke the blender!!!!!

How does the spoon make its way into the story you ask? Oh well it turns out my sister LEFT THE SPOON IN THE BLENDER BEFORE SHE TURNED IT ON! She had to mix it she claims! She took the spoon out before she turned it on she says! Convincing story.....

So anyways no more blender which means no more fraps in the morning, no more raspas, no more energy smoothies, NO MORE LIVING! wait. Too dramatic!

I now will eat soup will forks. Much safer:)

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