Monday, May 30, 2011


Ever since I signed up for Peta2's StreetTeam I get stickers in the mail almost once a week to every two weeks. I mean don't get me wrong, the stickers are fukin amazing! and I don't know about you but when I get stuff in the mail, it makes me happy. Even for a moment. But honestly, I now have a drawer full of stickers that I don't use. Alot of them I give away or stick on random people, but you can only get rid of so many. I love the stuff though that I get. In fact just the other day, I got a cute little button (with two packs of stickers of course) for McCruelty.
It's so adorable and I put it on my bag. And the stickers were lucky enough to make their way to *GASP* my drawer!
I do enjoy PETA and what they stand for, come on im a vegetarian! But sadly my family don't. BAH who cares! I love their t-shirts too, so now you know partially of whats in my closet :)

Blah I just finished mowing the backyard. I feel dirty so im gonna go take a shower. Or maybe work out first.....well bye:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I hear they have EIGHT lives!!! Wait no- it's eight legs, arms, tentacles? Whichever you prefer! Anywayyys......we all got together to make a picture made out of the one. The Only. Play Doh! And the crowd goes wild!

Ok ok, So the picture was of an ocean and sea creatures. There were crabs(cough cough), swordfish, jellyfish, coral, waves, and of course, my Octopus! Yep thats right. I made it! And out of all that beautiful creation, only my octopus survived. The rest cracked and crumbled to nothing. Well to chunks.

Sadly, I didnt get a picture of the whole thing but I do have a picture of the octopus.
Ahhh! Octopus!

It's amazing isn't it? Oh yeah. I was talking about the octopus :/ I know, I know, it's hard to look away from that beautiful creature but you must find your inner strength and PULL AWAY! Lol ok enough. So tell me what you think.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ahhhh Upon A Burning Body!!! :(

So I wanted to go see Upon A Burning Body at the House of Rock today. I missed it :( If anybody was lucky enough to see it please tell me about it!!!!! My friends Marissa, Madaline and Kim were going and I was supposed to go but it turns out *Gasp* I have to go to a birthday party that starts at 6! Totally missed the show. Ugh sooo P.O about it.

Last Sacrifice

Im currently reading a book called Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead. It is the final book in the Vampire Academy series. Yes im a sucker for vampires, fairies, etc.y Lmao come on, im a teenager girl! What do you expect?

Anyways this one is by far the best. If you have never heard of the series well then LOOK IT UP. It is really good and not what you would expect from a vampire novel. In fact it hardly has anything to do with the average vampire. The only relation would be the basic blood need. That is all.

Sorry to interupt but my increasinly noisy sister has pointed out that the above comment "Yes im a sucker for vampires, fairies, etc." can be taken in any way.
 Sucker for vampires- you know her intentions. Do not wish to indulge you in her thoughts.
Fairies- here comes the typical hand gesture. Where you look like your begging like a dog but with only one hand? Yeah that hand gesture.
Etc.-God knows what you means!
Ok so my sister is mean. Or like she says, Oh im just blunt! Blah blah. No excuses please!

So back to the story, this book is so amazing I am going through it slowly. Day 2 that i have had it and im on page 331. VERY SLOW in my standards. So I took a break from reading to tell everybody about this book. While  I eat a frozen fruit cup (SHUT UP ELIZABETH....noisy,nasty sister who cant keep her thought to herself)

Reading is good for you. Gives me a very good imagination, or as my sister says, makes me paranoid. No im not paranoid but my imagination gets me in trouble ALOT. By the way Elizabeth, reading DOES NOT ROT THE BRAIN! YOUR COMMENTS DO.....please dont hit me!
Ahh she threw a chocolate chip at me! And not even the regular kind. It was a white one...shes baking cookies right now by the way.

Ok I cant resist it any going to go read.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A spoon?
No way a spoon?
AHAHAHAHAHA- oomph! Not funny!

Ok so a few minutes ago I made some popcorn and I put Chile and Lemon powder on it. YUM! While I was a-shakin away with that powder a thought popped its way into my head.

Pickles. Yes that would make this popcorn complete! So I started to accomplish my mission and was digging around in my fridge for the pickles. Or to be more precise the pickle juice.
What I wanted to do was make a pickle juice raspa with chile popcorn. A wonderful, I might add, night snack. So I got out the blender, poured a cup of ice into blender, poured pickle juice in, and shooka some chile into it. BLEND BLEND BLEND. My blending noise.

O.o lookey here, here comes my little sister Brianna. As im typing this im scolding myself because I should have known you know? Low and behold she wants one too!! So I tell her exactly what to do. I mean it doesnt take a rocket scientist to make a raspa. As I sit down to watch my sister play Soul Calibur 2, I hear a really loud cracking sound. Cant really explain it but I jump up to see. Oh wow, WHAT A SURPRISE! My sister broke the blender!!!!!

How does the spoon make its way into the story you ask? Oh well it turns out my sister LEFT THE SPOON IN THE BLENDER BEFORE SHE TURNED IT ON! She had to mix it she claims! She took the spoon out before she turned it on she says! Convincing story.....

So anyways no more blender which means no more fraps in the morning, no more raspas, no more energy smoothies, NO MORE LIVING! wait. Too dramatic!

I now will eat soup will forks. Much safer:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Death Note O.o

Today is Sunday. We made it. Ok so anyways me and my friend were hanging out at school b/c the whole school was testing but us freshman so we were stuck in our 2nd period class (T-Time) doing nothing till 3. and ma friend were hanging out at the computers. We had got on to youtube and were watching Shane Dawson videos, hilarious, and a few music videos.
  I dont remember how it came up but he started to talk about Death Note. I really liked how it sounded so I looked it up and ordered it from Netflix WOOP WOOP! Anyways I just finished it and let me say this.......IT WAS AMAZING! Not to mention the lead guy is freakin sexy.
You see what I mean? Ya wow lmao. So the story behind it sooo good. I was stuck in my room for hours watching this movie. The ending I dont quite understand though. Did he give up the Death Note? Because the Shinigami had told Light that if he didnt want it he would take it and erase his memory of it yet Light seemed to remember everything when L let him know that he knew Light was Kira. Did he give it up or what? Cant wait for Death Note 2 to come in!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally Almost Finished

Im so tired right now its ridiculous! Im blaring Whitechapel into my eardrums to keep me awake.... staying up to finish editing the film I got from running up and down three flights of stairs for two weeks. SO far the amount of film that I can use in the finished product is 10 MINUTES! TEN! lol me and my friends are so retarded.Ill post the finished video tomorrow hopefully. No more messin aorund gotta finish this. Forget this im going to sleep

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who me? How dare you!

Let's start this off by saying today has been horrible! So horrible I dont even want to write about it. Ok so i get to school and im going up to the third floor, sadly yes my first period is on the 3rd floor! and I get one of my famous headaches. Wait, i havent told you yet, i get migraines once a week and they are so bad it is crippling. So ya thats what I got. I didnt want to but I started to cry. I got mad because who likes to cry in front of people? My friend Jorge kept asking what was wrong and hugging me, which makes me cry lol for some odd reason. I get to class and my friend Ashley is crying to! (her family are jerks!). then yesterday i had filmed our AVID teacher yelling at us, madeline's fault! and she got mad at me when she found out you see. So the tutors in that class asked madeline who filmed it and she said me. They told her this, and yes its true, they said "Serena? Really? But she looks so innocent!" Yep its true, Ive been labeled innocent! Then i asked to go to my algebra teachers room to ask if we were having an exam and tutor 2 told me "Just because you look innocent doesn't mean you can lie to me Serena!" ugh people these days. why cant i just pick who i want living on this earth and vaporize everyone else with my lazors? Well Im going to put up a part of the video that we filmed earlier. So if its good, let me know! O.o talent show at Ray coming up in two days! Jorge got me two tickets so i can go! Woop Woop! by the way this video is taking forever to upload!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Monday, May 16, 2011

Too much work for last days....

The past 2 weeks have been so ridicously crazy, and i just want to drop dead! Today I was running up and down the stairs at Ray, my high school, which is three stories! because me, maddy, marissa, jorge, kim, and ashley have been making this short video for our AVID class that we have together. Today we were doing the newscasting scene. It went ok and we got the scene. Now we need to hurry up and finish filming so we can edit it and have it done by WENDSDAY! Ugh so much work and so little know what im talking about. So up and down and back up and BACK down, from 1st floor to 3rd to 2nd to 1st to 3rd and blahdy blah blah blah! I just need to relaaaaaaaaaaaax. (Deep breathe in, o dont forget to release!) Boo hoo, so today i saw our yearbook and my picture is next to the hottest guy in the school lol Orion! I mean i love that but it kinda sucks to compare ME to HIM! Ya im drop dead gorgeous but he looks like an angel! i might put up a pic later. As for the video, after the editing part is done ill post the video. We are trying to make it funny, so dont be to harsh! I just want this year to be over so I can get a job. Boy do I need the money:) any offers? lol i think what i need to do is just take a huge gulp of air and scream my head off. Then all this stress and worry about grades and what not will grow wings and fly off into Neverland. Now that we know that that will never happen lets be realistic. I need a break from everything, even myself. OK im going to listen to Asking Alexandria(look them up)   :)) Good-Bye My Love <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of the Last Days of School. :) or :(

No Glasses

With Glasses:)
Fixing Ma Hair! Caught off Guard

Lol Um waaa?

When exactly was this taken?


Look at me. IM BEAUTIFUL

Look away!


Close your mouth Boy

Lolz butt

Um are you ok??
Sorry. Dont like brush flavor!

Mrs.Athey dont like taking pics!

Then she  start yelling at me..

Gotta sneak another one in!

OK OK ill stop:)

MMM Monster! Sneak pic again

When ?

Look like your having a seizure:/

Is that enough pics?

Your hair grows fast!

"What did you call me?"

O.o im sad looking at these pictures....first year of high school almost over. went by WAY to fast. Im going to miss all you guys!!! No scratch that... YOU BETTER KEEP IN TOUCH!:))

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogged Your Mom!

Ok so I was reading this book and it was soooo good. Well anyways in the book this guy was wearing a graphic t-shirt that said "I Blogged Your Mom!". I don't know why I did, maybe it was because I was so tired since it was around 2 a.m, but when I read that sentence I started to crack up. The book fell to the floor, I was on my bed clutching my stomach and just laughing so hard. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't stop laughing. Hiccups and all I finally stopped laughing. I mean it makes sense because afterwards I passed out till 11 a.m. So theres a little short story I felt I needed to tell. Oh and by the way....does anyone know what that means?