Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Sacrifice

Im currently reading a book called Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead. It is the final book in the Vampire Academy series. Yes im a sucker for vampires, fairies, etc.y Lmao come on, im a teenager girl! What do you expect?

Anyways this one is by far the best. If you have never heard of the series well then LOOK IT UP. It is really good and not what you would expect from a vampire novel. In fact it hardly has anything to do with the average vampire. The only relation would be the basic blood need. That is all.

Sorry to interupt but my increasinly noisy sister has pointed out that the above comment "Yes im a sucker for vampires, fairies, etc." can be taken in any way.
 Sucker for vampires- you know her intentions. Do not wish to indulge you in her thoughts.
Fairies- here comes the typical hand gesture. Where you look like your begging like a dog but with only one hand? Yeah that hand gesture.
Etc.-God knows what you means!
Ok so my sister is mean. Or like she says, Oh im just blunt! Blah blah. No excuses please!

So back to the story, this book is so amazing I am going through it slowly. Day 2 that i have had it and im on page 331. VERY SLOW in my standards. So I took a break from reading to tell everybody about this book. While  I eat a frozen fruit cup (SHUT UP ELIZABETH....noisy,nasty sister who cant keep her thought to herself)

Reading is good for you. Gives me a very good imagination, or as my sister says, makes me paranoid. No im not paranoid but my imagination gets me in trouble ALOT. By the way Elizabeth, reading DOES NOT ROT THE BRAIN! YOUR COMMENTS DO.....please dont hit me!
Ahh she threw a chocolate chip at me! And not even the regular kind. It was a white one...shes baking cookies right now by the way.

Ok I cant resist it any going to go read.

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