Sunday, May 22, 2011

Death Note O.o

Today is Sunday. We made it. Ok so anyways me and my friend were hanging out at school b/c the whole school was testing but us freshman so we were stuck in our 2nd period class (T-Time) doing nothing till 3. and ma friend were hanging out at the computers. We had got on to youtube and were watching Shane Dawson videos, hilarious, and a few music videos.
  I dont remember how it came up but he started to talk about Death Note. I really liked how it sounded so I looked it up and ordered it from Netflix WOOP WOOP! Anyways I just finished it and let me say this.......IT WAS AMAZING! Not to mention the lead guy is freakin sexy.
You see what I mean? Ya wow lmao. So the story behind it sooo good. I was stuck in my room for hours watching this movie. The ending I dont quite understand though. Did he give up the Death Note? Because the Shinigami had told Light that if he didnt want it he would take it and erase his memory of it yet Light seemed to remember everything when L let him know that he knew Light was Kira. Did he give it up or what? Cant wait for Death Note 2 to come in!!!!

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