Thursday, June 30, 2011


I guess I can't get away with pictures for too long:)

I've been bored out of my mind for about 2 weeks. Doing nothing, except playing suduko and listening to music. Everyone has been doing they're own things. Staying in theyre rooms, taking over t.v., and more importantly bothering me when I try to be alone!

Hopefully this doesn't last too long.

Good song, good artist, and good music video. This is what I have mainly been listening to. And Lykke Li.

Im hoping to hang with my friends soon if it all goes the way I plan. Probablly wont be able to because of "safety reasons". In other words  I have to tackle the parents in order to go anywhere these days. SUCKS yes I know. But I guess im not trust worthy. Oh what? Its the other people? Oh ok

My bro is bringing me a book tomorrow to read while David is in surgery. So sick of all this. Stuck at home and stuck with little kids. Who do I talk to? Oh i know my younger sister! Right.........

Anyone want to drag me along with your wonderful plans that are actually exciting?

Starting to go stir crazy being stuck here. Guess thats why I haven't been posting. Got nothing to say. Or rather anything worth reading:)

This is so sad but I just want to go somewhere, anywhere. Even if it's to the park. I DON'T CARE WHERE!

But what do my thoughts matter anyways? No one around lately to talk to anyways. So Im going to go do what I've been doing for 2 weeks now. Nothing

Inspiring 5

Fact or Fiction




Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiring 4

New York Skyline

Rooftop Battle

Stand Still

The Cost of Living

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspiring 3

Krishna age 4, "My parents left me here."

Lady In The Window

Merry Electric Christmas

Im More Than A Number

Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiring 2

In The Flesh
In The Storm
It All Falls Down

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Boy With A Gun, Mongolia



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poor Thing

I forgot to mention. A few weeks ago my poor puppy woke up with her eye swollen shut. This is a little bit before we gave her a Benadryll.

Into The Eyes Of A Zombie. How Exciting........

Yes, let's start this off my mentioning how horrible this weekend has been. First of all Friday I was outside all day, yet another day full of attacking dirt! I was covered in dirt and felt disgusting.

We get home and its almost 5. The time that my sister's husband should be home. I live with my sister btw. She gets a call that her husband had been in a motorcycle accident. He had to ride his bike b/c his car needed to go to the shop. What a series of events no? My sister is freaking out and my neice and nephew are on the verge of tears. I am scared out of my mind already but got to keep little ones calm. So basically this weekend I had to be a mom. It wasn't like playing house when you are younger!

So he was taking to the hospital right away. Everything turned out good after all the drama. It was a scary time but he turned out ok. He broke his tibia in his leg and it shattered his ankle. And a whole lot of road rash. His skin has feeled off of his palms and arms. His legs are torn up too.
There is his ankle. It is bleeding  alot. That is before they put the screws and bolts into his ankle to hold it together before surgery in ten days.

All weekend my sister stayed with David in the hospital so I watched over her kids. I did what I had to do and thats that.

They messed around on a tire swing where we went to meet my aunt.


                           !HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!

Thanks Elizabeth!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


People sometimes stop and think How can this be? but really when it's that good How could it not be?

Music is really important to me. I don't know how many times that I have been in a moment that I don't know how to handle and the only thing that helps is the music. The sound. The words.

To me it couldn't be better. Some are attracted to different sounds. Why wouldn't they be? It's your mind, it chooses. Not someone else. Maybe you like this. Maybe you don't.

Different. I said it before. This attracts me. Like a flower that is giving off a scent. Too many flowers to choose from.
creepy, weird, sick, real, not for all kind of people - thank you. Youtube:)

Lykke Li
Wounded Rhymes new album

Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Strange Thing

One of the strange things about living in the world is
that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is
going to live forever and ever and ever. One knows it
sometimes when one gets up at the tender, solemn
dawn-time and goes out and stands alone and throws
one's head far back and looks up and up and watches
the pale sky slowly changing and flushing and marvel-
lous unknown things happening until the East almost
makes one cry out and one's heart stands still at the
strange, unchanging majesty of the rising of the sun-
which has been happening every morning for thou-
sands and thousands and thousands of years. One
knows it then for a moment or so. And one knows it
sometimes when one stands by oneself in a wood at
sunset and the mysterious deep gold stillness slanting
through and under the branches seems to be saying
slowly again and again something one cannot quite
hear, however much one tries. Then sometimes the
immense quiet of the dark-blue at night with millions
of stars waiting and watching makes one sure; and
sometimes a sound of far-off music makes it true; and
sometimes a look in someone's eyes.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yet again.....NONSENSE

I hate to clean. It sucks. I'd rather be beaten to death with a icepick than clean. OMG LETS GET OFF TOPIC! cleaning sucks............

So today was fun. Well after my body got over the inital shock of having to wake up at 6 in the nocturnal just to let you know ;) So 6 a.m. to get to Sinton for another track meet. No I didn't get burnt this time but I did eat enough sand to last me a lifetime. I sat under the bleachers with the team this time lol BAD IDEA!

All in all it was a good time. My nephew Nathan won 5 ribbons, three in 1st, one in second and one in third on the long jump. Proud of him!

Tomorrow is going to be so busy!!!! They have to get pick up cake from Heb by 10, get dressed for the party, pack up everything needed and make sure all electronics are off *cough cough* the oven? then get to the party by 11:45. Enjoy the party;), then pack up everything and go home. Unload. Rest. Pack up again for the second party! Get gift. Enjoy party. Go home. Rest.

And during all this my cousins from San Antonio are coming down to visit so they will be here.

I guess I'll post a better post tomorrow or whenever I can. Sorry for the inconvineince or HOWEVER you spell it. Dont care actually.

Wish me luck tomorrow? Yeah thanks..........

Monday, June 6, 2011

Too busy for me to like.

We cannot walk alone.
         - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Im kind of in a depressive mood. I feel drained, but I still got to do things. Tomorrow is yet another appointment with Dr. Deline. My neurologist. I have to go to her because I have migraines at least once a week. Which is NOT normal. They are gut-wrenching, knife to the chest, excruciating headaches that last a while. As a 15 year old girl, I don't want to have to deal with knowing that at any moment I might be struck with such a moment. Ugh yep my life!

So like I said there is yet another appointment. I hate them because she taps my face all over (um yeah weird) and all these other weird tests. I already had to get a MRI scan and now she is recommending a spinal tap. OUCH much? So tommorow going to go talk with her. Wish me luck?

So today has sucked! I woke up way to early, you see im not a morning person. For me 10 is too early! But today I woke up at.....7 A.M!!!!!! Blah, I woke up only because I had a migraine. Today was the lucky day I guess. I've never woken up with a migraine before and thats not a good sign. Then when I was pouring some soy milk into my extra amazing Raisin Bran I started to feel dissy, like I was going to fall. Then the migraine came back ten times worse! I was on the verge of tears. Boo-hoo I know I sound whiny but if you were in my position, you would be whining too!

I just got back from a track practice and I hate being in the sun for two hours every day. I dont need any more tan lines thank you very much!!!!!

My poor birdy is chirping in her cage. Awww im going to take her out. She is so cute but yesterday she was being mean! And biting me. I love her anyways!  She makes me sad when she squeakes that way!

O.o Teen wolf is coming on in a hour! Gotta watch it! Lol yes another werewolve, teen drama, t.v show. Then on the 22nd The Challenge comes on again! yea! and then on the 23rd Burn Notice comes on!!!!! Wooop woop! All my shows are starting now. Too hard to keep track of them all. Well now you know what I watch.....

Eww lol I love Left For Dead 2!!!
Got to invite Isaic over and tell him to bring the game over....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lost My Shorts

Im really sad you guys. I lost my little black shorts:( I wear them or rather USED to wear them everyday. I lost them a few weeks ago....and sad. If anyone sees them on the street or running with the other little black shorts PLEASE NOTIFY ME RIGHT AWAY!

I feel in a good mood...tired but in a good mood. I think I want to start a list that I've seen other people doing. It will be the called "1,000 Things Im Grateful For". I'll do ten at a time. They will be listed but the number I put them in won't matter. Number 1 will be just as important as 583! OK here goes....
1,000- Tape
999- Microwaves
998- Shirts
997- Glasses
996- The sprinkler
995- Johnny Depp ;)
994- My mp3
993- Hole puncher
992- Crayons
991- My neice

Got to go get ready to take my nephew to his track practice. Ugh it's hot!!!!!
Tooo busy these days.....