Monday, June 6, 2011

Too busy for me to like.

We cannot walk alone.
         - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Im kind of in a depressive mood. I feel drained, but I still got to do things. Tomorrow is yet another appointment with Dr. Deline. My neurologist. I have to go to her because I have migraines at least once a week. Which is NOT normal. They are gut-wrenching, knife to the chest, excruciating headaches that last a while. As a 15 year old girl, I don't want to have to deal with knowing that at any moment I might be struck with such a moment. Ugh yep my life!

So like I said there is yet another appointment. I hate them because she taps my face all over (um yeah weird) and all these other weird tests. I already had to get a MRI scan and now she is recommending a spinal tap. OUCH much? So tommorow going to go talk with her. Wish me luck?

So today has sucked! I woke up way to early, you see im not a morning person. For me 10 is too early! But today I woke up at.....7 A.M!!!!!! Blah, I woke up only because I had a migraine. Today was the lucky day I guess. I've never woken up with a migraine before and thats not a good sign. Then when I was pouring some soy milk into my extra amazing Raisin Bran I started to feel dissy, like I was going to fall. Then the migraine came back ten times worse! I was on the verge of tears. Boo-hoo I know I sound whiny but if you were in my position, you would be whining too!

I just got back from a track practice and I hate being in the sun for two hours every day. I dont need any more tan lines thank you very much!!!!!

My poor birdy is chirping in her cage. Awww im going to take her out. She is so cute but yesterday she was being mean! And biting me. I love her anyways!  She makes me sad when she squeakes that way!

O.o Teen wolf is coming on in a hour! Gotta watch it! Lol yes another werewolve, teen drama, t.v show. Then on the 22nd The Challenge comes on again! yea! and then on the 23rd Burn Notice comes on!!!!! Wooop woop! All my shows are starting now. Too hard to keep track of them all. Well now you know what I watch.....

Eww lol I love Left For Dead 2!!!
Got to invite Isaic over and tell him to bring the game over....

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