Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lost My Shorts

Im really sad you guys. I lost my little black shorts:( I wear them or rather USED to wear them everyday. I lost them a few weeks ago....and sad. If anyone sees them on the street or running with the other little black shorts PLEASE NOTIFY ME RIGHT AWAY!

I feel in a good mood...tired but in a good mood. I think I want to start a list that I've seen other people doing. It will be the called "1,000 Things Im Grateful For". I'll do ten at a time. They will be listed but the number I put them in won't matter. Number 1 will be just as important as 583! OK here goes....
1,000- Tape
999- Microwaves
998- Shirts
997- Glasses
996- The sprinkler
995- Johnny Depp ;)
994- My mp3
993- Hole puncher
992- Crayons
991- My neice

Got to go get ready to take my nephew to his track practice. Ugh it's hot!!!!!
Tooo busy these days.....

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