Sunday, June 19, 2011

Into The Eyes Of A Zombie. How Exciting........

Yes, let's start this off my mentioning how horrible this weekend has been. First of all Friday I was outside all day, yet another day full of attacking dirt! I was covered in dirt and felt disgusting.

We get home and its almost 5. The time that my sister's husband should be home. I live with my sister btw. She gets a call that her husband had been in a motorcycle accident. He had to ride his bike b/c his car needed to go to the shop. What a series of events no? My sister is freaking out and my neice and nephew are on the verge of tears. I am scared out of my mind already but got to keep little ones calm. So basically this weekend I had to be a mom. It wasn't like playing house when you are younger!

So he was taking to the hospital right away. Everything turned out good after all the drama. It was a scary time but he turned out ok. He broke his tibia in his leg and it shattered his ankle. And a whole lot of road rash. His skin has feeled off of his palms and arms. His legs are torn up too.
There is his ankle. It is bleeding  alot. That is before they put the screws and bolts into his ankle to hold it together before surgery in ten days.

All weekend my sister stayed with David in the hospital so I watched over her kids. I did what I had to do and thats that.

They messed around on a tire swing where we went to meet my aunt.


                           !HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!

Thanks Elizabeth!

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