Thursday, June 30, 2011


I guess I can't get away with pictures for too long:)

I've been bored out of my mind for about 2 weeks. Doing nothing, except playing suduko and listening to music. Everyone has been doing they're own things. Staying in theyre rooms, taking over t.v., and more importantly bothering me when I try to be alone!

Hopefully this doesn't last too long.

Good song, good artist, and good music video. This is what I have mainly been listening to. And Lykke Li.

Im hoping to hang with my friends soon if it all goes the way I plan. Probablly wont be able to because of "safety reasons". In other words  I have to tackle the parents in order to go anywhere these days. SUCKS yes I know. But I guess im not trust worthy. Oh what? Its the other people? Oh ok

My bro is bringing me a book tomorrow to read while David is in surgery. So sick of all this. Stuck at home and stuck with little kids. Who do I talk to? Oh i know my younger sister! Right.........

Anyone want to drag me along with your wonderful plans that are actually exciting?

Starting to go stir crazy being stuck here. Guess thats why I haven't been posting. Got nothing to say. Or rather anything worth reading:)

This is so sad but I just want to go somewhere, anywhere. Even if it's to the park. I DON'T CARE WHERE!

But what do my thoughts matter anyways? No one around lately to talk to anyways. So Im going to go do what I've been doing for 2 weeks now. Nothing

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