Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inside Out

My chest spasmed as I sucked in breathe after breathe. I slouched down to the ground, my bedroom door pressed firmly against my back, and snatched my knees to my chest. Why did always happen? Is this going to be a never ending story? I glanced aorund my room. What I saw wasn't very comforting. Only my bed and a couple boxes scribled with my name. Lorelei. Today being only our second day in this house, the drama had already reared its ugly little head. As I looked around I felt my hair being slightly tugged. My hand trembled as I gently touched my cheek. A sort of fire erupted across my face. I quickly but carefully loosened my hair from the bleeding wound. This time wasn't as bad as it has been. About three months ago I spent two weeks in the hospital. Three fractured ribs and a broken wrist. Mom had been getting steadily worse for about five months. Five months ago marked one year since my dad had been gone.

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