Monday, July 11, 2011


So I know I havent really been posting but pictures lately. Right of the bat im going to mention how hard it is to type right now. With one hand. And not even the good one! I have to use my left hand. So this post will more than likely take longer than usual.
I um.....was hungry about an hour ago. And we really need to pay a visit to the grocery store. So I just threw together some things I found in my kitchen. After I ate the stale fortune cookie that was hiding in the pantry:/
I got some mashed potatoes which were made on the stove and tossed some nuggets into the oven. By the way we have a glass stove.
So anyways I just took the poatoes off the stove and was standing there talking to my sister who was sitting on the bar stool. I said something to which I had to slap my hand down right? Well little o' me didn't see the light red light that warned that the stove was hot!!! Bam right on the stove that was turned off about a minute ago.
So my hand is burning and tingling and red and raw and everything else. I sprayed some burn medicine on it (which got into my mouth somehow, turning my tongue and lips numb) I should of known not to lick my hand *face palm*
Yea thats whats been up.

Oh and I've been doing Insanity. Ouch yeah, I can't really stand as of right now:(

Im full though so thats good........

I just recently got hooked on pokemon....again lmao.

My neice colored on a book that cost $40.

My friend is coming over so we can make spicy egg rolls :D need to catch up badly. Used to be her second home till we started to talk less. The best way to mend that is with FOOD.
Oh dont look at me like that.
Who doesn't love food?

Oh yeah and a really cute, tall, college guy just walked through my front door ^^ too bad he left quickly:(
My life sucks. Still cant feel my tongue. My lips are only tingling a little so yeah.

I think i need to go buy a johnny depp cup so that........nope not gonna finish that sentence.

I am still looking for a job but what kind of job fits me? I need a camera.

If there was a fire what would be the first thing that comes to mind? Or what would be the first thing that you would grab?
I have a hard time thinking about that and thinking like that. So I will leave you on that note:)

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